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Box tree moth

Cydalima perspectalis

Observation list

Foto: arhiv Zavoda Symbiosis
Foto: arhiv Zavoda Symbiosis
Foto: arhiv Zavoda Symbiosis

Origin: East Asia

First finding in Slovenia: 2011

Pathways: transported with traded box-tree saplings, secondary spontanuously spreading

Possible to identify: April – September

Flight season of adults: April – September

Habitat: Caterpillars exclusively feed on box-trees (Buxus spp.), which are widely planted in parks and gardens throughout Slovenia. 

Status in Slovenia: Widespread.

Similar species: the fungi Cylindrocladium buxicola and Volutella buxi also cause die-offs of box-trees. 

Source: Terenski priročnik za prepoznavanje tujerodnih vrst v gozdovih (Fieldguide for the identification of alien species in forests)

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