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Sycamore lacebug

Corythucha ciliata
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Foto: arhiv Zavoda Symbiosis
Foto: James Solomon, USDA Forest Service,
Foto: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

NATIVE RANGE: North America


PATHWAYS: transported with saplings of the host plants

POSSIBLE TO FIND: April – October


DESCRIPTION: A square-shaped lace bug, 3 mm long and 2 mm wide. The body is dorsoventrally flattened and the elytra are white, translucent with a lace-like texture, with a brown protuberance in the middle of each elytron. The nymphs are blackish and covered with spines. Damaged leaves develop pale patches and in severe infestations these dry out and are shed prematurely. It overwinters as an adult in cracks of the bark and similar protected spaces.

HABITAT: In spite of its name, the Sycamore lace bug does not normally occur on sycamore trees (Acer spp.), but on plane trees (Platanus spp.). They live on the underside of leaves where they suck the sap of plant cells. As, in Europe, plane trees are mostly planted as ornamentals, Sycamore lace bugs are found in urban areas, especially on street trees and in parks and gardens.

STATUS: Widespread throughout Europe including in Slovenia.

SIMILAR SPECIES: The oak lace bug (Corythucha arcuata) is very similar and the species cannot be reliably distinguished with the naked eye. However, the sycamore lace bug is only found on plane trees while the oak lace bug occurs on oaks. 

SOURCE: Field Guide to Invasive Alien Species in European Forests

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