Projekt LIFE ARTEMIS – Osveščanje, usposabljanje
in ukrepanje za invazivne tujerodne vrste v gozdu

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Observation list of alien species

In the project LIFE ARTEMIS  we complied two lists of alien species in forests. On the observation list we have included some of the alien species occurring in or near forests, which are in Slovenia relatively widespread and recognised as invasive. Those species are included in the information system Invazivke. Data on their distribution is collected with a purpose to improve our knowledge on their occurrence, which can be used to develop measures to mitigate their negative impacts.

Species from the observation list are marked with a light blue triangle with a white magnifying glass.

Below is the overview of alien species from the observation list from different taxonomic groups:

  1. Observation list of alien plants
  2. Observation list of alien fungi
  3. Observation list of alien animals



The difference between the observation and the alert list

Observation list includes those alien species, which are in Slovenia already widespread and recognised as invasive. On the alert list we included those alien species, which are not yet present in Slovenia or are present only locally. In the early warning and rapid response measures the focus is on the alert list species. Discovering these species in early stages of their spread and rapid response enable efficient prevention or mitigation of environmental and/or economic damage. 

Prepared by: Jana Kus Veenvliet, February 2018